Tuesday, July 27, 2010

In 2006, I started a blog to use as a tool to tell of my experiences in dealing with Chidlrens Aid Society, the justice system, the medical profession, the school board and several other agencies when my daughter suffered a pediatric stroke.  I wanted to bring this matter to the attention of the authorities as I felt it was a racket operating within these agencies.  At first, I pounded the pavement by going to lawyers,  to many government offices and speaking with agents there and by writing a number of letters to agencies that I thought could address the situation.  They didn’t.  I thought that by sending them the URL and by keeping an account of what I was doing to bring this atrocity to their attention things would change for me and everyone else who had taken this path. Of course, I was hoping to find help to resolve the problems and to bring to their attention that this scenario happens often when people fall into the hands of cult rings as so many of us do in Canada, myself included.  I've come to realize that the authorities in Canada are running most of the cult rings and so all this work has gotten me nowhere.

Anyway, I started my first blog in 2006:

I sent the URL to several government offices and then to the media hoping they would find story lines for articles and to bring these matters to the attention of the general public.  They did and I used the URL’s of their online newspaper stories on my blogs to present my case but, my situation continued to worsen and my problems were not addressed.  It was obvious to me that the URL's had not fallen into the right hands.  So, I started another blog:

After all the effort I put into saving my children and myself, my ex-husband was successful in abducting my youngest daughter as well.  And so, I got mad and put my thoughts on the internet:

Who would do this to a mother of a terminally ill child?  Much to my surprise, the Canadian Authorities would!  The more I complained the worse my situation became and I wanted to bring to their attention that:

If all this wasn’t enough misery for me, I’ve been blackballed, I can't find a job and I have no income so, I decided that applying for welfare was the only thing left to do:

When I applied for welfare I was disqualified from receiving benefits.  You see, I had set up a Reverse Mortgage (Line of Credit) on my condominium to help me pull through my financial crisis.  In the end, it was not in my best interest because, according to the agent I spoke to, I have access to money so I am disqualified from receiving benefits.  It won’t be long before my line of credit is used entirely and I still can’t find a job. Then what?

So, in the end, these blogs turned out to be an account of how the Canadian System sends good, upstanding citizens, like myself and my children, to destitution and forces us to suicide as so many people who have taken this path have ended up.  Yes, I’ve told the authorities that that is where I’m going, everyone else goes there and I’ll be no exception to the rule.  It’s obvious that the authorities just don’t want to enforce law and order and they just don’t care if we all drop dead.  What are we waiting for?  It's obvious to me now that someone or group in a higher realm has hand picked my children and I to be eliminated so that they can acquire wealth and stature.